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Bobby, Trevor and the gang-

I'm sure Matt would be proud to see how you guys are continuing on and staying involved in the Porsche community.


To anyone considering Heritage and Bobby for your maintenance and repair work, I have a highly modified 996 turbo making lots of hp. Bobby has done some one off builds, tweaks and conversions for me including things like removing the tt clutch hydraulic assist and replacing it with the GT2 manual system and doing away with the accumulator, slave and all the pentosin in the clutch system. He has had my motor out of my car 4 or 5 times now and each and every time I have driven away with 100% confidence- and have never had to take it back for a leak or even a lose bolt. The guy is a perfectionist. I do most of my own work- but if there is anything needing addressed that I can't handle, Bobby is the ONLY guy I would ever even think about working on my car!

- John Pavich

OK gang, when it comes to car repair it just doesn't get any better than Heritage.  Bobby is as honest as they come, incredibly knowledgeable and talented, and a nice guy to boot. Porsche repair bills are never cheap, but with Heritage I have always felt like I got my money's worth and more! What a treat to find someone who actually treats my car as if it were their own...

- John Pavich

On the way back to Blowing Rock I got to thinking about how I hear from a lot of guys at the track how frustrated they are with their service. Mostly dealers, and some can't find decent independent mechanics. I feel very fortunate that I have you guys to take care of my Cayman S. Always top notch work and a such a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

- John Marshall

I am convinced that Heritage Motorwerks is the best garage in the nation.  Bobby is not only knowlegeable but most important trustworthy.  If he tells me something needs to be done, I go ahead and let him fix it.  I am certain that he is doing it for my benefit and not to increase revenue.  I trust him with no hesitation.

- Bryson Kiser

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